Fundamental Concepts

Descriptive approach

ComodIT is part of a new generation of automation tools that uses a descriptive approach, in place of a script & workflows approach. Instead of executing opaque scripts, the platform can actually understand which resources are required on the target host. This means that the user focus on describing the state in which he wants the system and let the platform figure out the best way to bring (convergence) and maintain (compliance) the system in the given state.

Centralized system state

Using the descriptive approach together with the integration of the various processes allows ComodIT to have a centralized database containing the complete description of the required infrastructure. This avoid having to duplicate knowledge between a resource management tool, a provisioning tool, etc. The system state acts as the blueprint of the infrastructure and can be used to redeploy the complete infrastructure whenever needed.

SSH is deprecated

Using a centralized tool like ComodIT instead of SSH to manage a host enable features like fine grained access control, auditing, compliance, etc. This guarantees that the system state is always an up-to-date description of the infrastructure and that nothing slipped through the back door. We also believe that a well designed user interface can enable to do more tasks and faster. Taking all this into account, we believe that users can soon say that SSH is deprecated.