Package comodit_client :: Package api :: Module platform :: Class Platform

Class Platform

Platform entity representation. A platform defines the way a particular host will be provisioned by configuring a driver. A platform may have files, parameters and settings.

A platform entity owns 3 collections:

Instance Methods
clone(self, clone_name)
Requests the cloning of remote entity.

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Driver driver
Platform's driver.

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Method Details

clone(self, clone_name)


Requests the cloning of remote entity. Clone will have given name. This name should not already be in use.

  • clone_name (string) - The name of the clone.
Returns: Platform
The representation of platform's clone.

Property Details


Platform's driver.

Get Method:
unreachable.driver(self) - Platform's driver.
Set Method:
unreachable.driver(self, driver) - Sets platform's driver.