Complete solution
covering all your
automation needs

ComodIT goes beyond cloud management
taking care of
what is going on inside the VM

direct install


Simple, integrated, and agile solutions
on premises, or in the cloud.


The ComodIT marketplace enables our users
to share their application templates.
Deploy them on your hosts in a single click

IT Automation as a Service, MANAGE UP TO 5 HOST FOR FREE

ComodIT provides a simple, integrated, and agile solution to deploy and manage your IT infrastructure on premises or in the cloud. Simple register, try it now for free, and manage up to 5 hosts.


Prepare your infrastructure blueprint using the web client and let ComodIT provision within minutes accross virtual and cloud platforms. Re-deploy in one click for disaster recovery. Migrate from a cloud to another, or duplicate your infrastructure for testing.

Configuration Management

Manage your hosts configuration from the web and let ComodIT apply the required changes for you. Maintain a complete documentation of your infrastructure and stay on top of your compliance.


Leverage the Open REST API to integrate ComodIT with your own processes, orchestrating scenarios such as Auto-Scaling or Integration Testing. One API to manage infrastrucutre up to configuration files within the VM.


Cross Platform Deployment

Provision servers accross public and private cloud through a single interface. Also support deployment directly on hypervisors and physical servers.

Configuration Management

Manage server and applications configurations throughout their lifecycle. Maintain up-to-date documentation of your complete infrastructure.

Open API & Libraries

Orchestrate complex scenarios using our open API and libraries. Effortlessly deploy, autoscale, migrate and re-deploy your infrastructure.

Access Control & Auditing

Manage user permissions accross your infrastructure. Audit changes in configuration, keeping track of the complete change history.

Customers satisfaction

" At CETIC, we support companies with the integration of the latest ICT technologies. The management of IT becomes a high concern for them, and it is important to ensure high quality, consistency and reproducibility of the applications they deploy. In that matter, the innovation brought by ComodIT is changing significantly the way to do configuration management automation ! "

Operations Manager, Damien Hubaux

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