The Challenge

With the advent of Cloud Computing, and the resources elasticity it provides, it is becoming possible to build a 'living infrastructure' that can dynamically evolve. Your infrastructure can automaticaly react to changes in your business (e.g. an increase in demand), changes in its environments (e.g. failing components) and changes in technologies.

Reacting to these changes in the fastest and most reliable way is the goal of orchestration. It provides you with the capability to build complex workflows and processes automating the deployment, configuration and management of your infrastucture in reaction to external triggers.

Our Solution

ComodIT provides a rich API enabling you to orchestrate complex scenarios through software. A few lines of script are sufficient to deploy, scale, and migrate complex infrastructure.

One of the key advantage of the ComodIT API is that it allows you to manipulate every element of your infrastructure (e.g. servers, applications, configurations) from the same API.

Key Benefits

  • Quickly react to business changes through automated procedures
  • Easily integrate with your existing processes and workflows (e.g. QA, Billing)
  • Reuse the same orchestration logic accross cloud providers
  • Embed orchestration within your application business logic, enabling your applications to manipulate the infrastructure it is running on

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