Maintain up-to-date Documentation

The Challenge

Many organizations still rely on what's in theirs employees head for the details of their infrastructure requirements and detailed configurations. They risk not having access to that valuable information when the worker is under heavy load, sick, or worst, leave the company.

The documentation may also simply be impossible to understand when it is non-formalized, stale and outdated. Because most of the business downtime is due to human error this may causes huge lost in revenue when bad or no documentation is available.

Our Solution

With ComodIT you must first define your IT infrastructure in a formalized and centralized database. All required changes are also introduced in this database prior to being applied to the infrastructure. This has major advantages at the documentation level as it ensures having an automatic, complete, high quality and always up to date knowledge of your IT infrastructure. Documentation is automatically available by design, and is integrated with all the other feature of ComodIT.

Key Benefits

  • Centralized, complete, without duplication, and error free documentation
  • Documentation covers machines, environments, operating systems, applications and their configurations
  • Keeping historical versions
  • Track updates and document why some design has been chosen