Configuration Management

The Challenge

Managing configuration changes in a large infrastructure can be a daunting task. Doing it manually not only takes (a lot of) time, but also exposes you to human errors and lack of documentation of the changes. This slows you down, limit your ability to evolve, and to react to external business events.

Our Solution

ComodIT integrates a Configuration Management layer that allows you to automaticaly apply configuration changes accross your entire infrastructure in a single click. By using well tested automate processes, you save time and eradicate the risk of human errors.

In addition, all configuration elements are stored within our centralized system. Enabling ComodIT to verify if your infrastrcture remains within compliance of its described state.

Finally, performing your changes through ComodIT UI or API creates a central point of auditing and access control to your infrastructure configuration.

Key Benefits

  • Optimise labour utilization and reduce cost through automated configuration management
  • Reduce human errors by applying well defined and tested recipes
  • Ensure configuration compliance of all servers and applications based on most recent configuration details
  • Automaticaly manage configuration dependencies within your infrastructure, avoiding duplication of knowledge and risk of errors.

Customer Cases