A ComodIT user. A user may have access to an organization and therefore manage an organization’s sub-collections.


The following elements are defined as part of a user representation:

  • username: The username of the user. Has to be unique ComodIT-wide.
  • fullname: The full name of the user.
  • email: The email address of the user (mandatory and unique ComodIT-wide).
  • password: The password of the user. This value is write-only i.e. it is never returned by ComodIT.
  • role: The role of the user. Accepted values are ‘USER’ and ‘ADMIN’. A user having ‘ADMIN’ role has access to additional user and account handling methods. Only users with ‘ADMIN’ role may update their role or the role of another user.


    "username": "comodit",
    "email": "",
    "role": "USER"
    "password": "secret"



  • POST: creates a new user. Only ‘ADMIN’ users may call this method.


  • GET: returns an existing user.
  • PUT: updates an existing user.
  • DELETE: deletes a user.


  • GET: returns the list of hosts the user has access to.