A group represents a set of users having the same privileges inside an organization. Currently, an organization has 2 groups: ‘admin’ and ‘users’. A user in group ‘users’ has all privileges inside the organization except adding or removing users to/from these groups. Groups collection is a sub-collection of organization.


The following elements are defined as part of a group representation:

  • name: The name of the group. Cannot be null. Must be unique organization-wide.
  • description: A human friendly description of the group.
  • organization: The name of the organization this group is part of. This field is read-only.
  • users: A list of users. Only username, full name (if defined) and e-mail are provided.


    "name": "admin", 
    "description": "The admins group", 
    "organization": "Guardis Test", 
    "users": [
            "email": "", 
            "username": "admin"



  • GET: returns all the groups defined in the organization.


  • GET: returns an existing group.
  • PUT: updates an existing group. When updating users list, only usernames have to be provided.
  • DELETE: deletes a group.